You are a technowitch who is traveling to the small desert oasis city of Lina in search of a new kind of technomagic that you heard about online. Throughout your journey, you can acquire companions called mechanimals (mechanical animals) and use them as poppets of yourself to improve your stats.

Definitions (in case they're needed):

  • A technowitch is someone who performs magic by using technology. The kind of magic they do is called technomagic.
  • A poppet is a representation of a person that is used to change/effect that person in some way by performing actions on the poppet. Poppets are typically in the form of dolls but in the game, they're mechanimals.

This game is just a prototype and is in the very early stages of development.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can comment down below, or email me at lunabeckons(at)


  • 04/02/2017: Posted.
  • 05/01/2017: Added next scene.


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Is this still a thing? I went "awww" when I reached the stopping point. Really like the concepts shown so far (mechanimals, familiar-like thing, the mix of witchcraft and modern technology).

Very cool concept of using voodoo dolls to improve abilities instead of harming someone. It should lead to very interesting character development system.
I really hope this game will be finished because I'd like to know more about world and see this system in action.

Thanks! I am slowly working on it but I do plan on finishing it.